Boss ROD-20 Overdrive Distortion

access_time First seen circa 1989

Mention in a 1989 interview as the only rack effect that Rory used at the time.

Generally, I’m not over keen on rack-mounted gear. There’s enough to do on stage without having to peer at LED displays, and anyway, […] However, one exception is ROD-20. I have used a wah-wah as a tone control- not pedaling it, but using it to set the mid-frequency for solos. The trouble is that you encounter the gypsy factor -either you get it right or you don’t. There’s no second chance. With the ROD-20, I use settings 1 and 2, patched in from a remote footswitch, to work on the midrange rather than the fuzz setting – there are a lot of midrange possibilities from the equalizer section, particularly with a single-coil pick-up on the guitar.

July 29,1989 issue of SOUNDS

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access_time 1972

Boss DB-5 Driver

In a 1989 interview, Rory mentioned that one of his main pedals is a Boss BD-1 Drive, which he has been used basically from the beginning. About the first one I got was the Boss BD-1 Driver, which I still use. It’s a big green box (rather like the old Boss CE-1) with three settings: Distortion, Fuzz, and a third which is almost straight -a plain graphic and overall volume […]

access_time 1989

Boss BF-2 Flanger

According to a 1989 interview, Rory liked to use flangers over chorus pedals. At that particular point of time, he was using the Boss BF-2. I don’t use chorus – I prefer flanging (I use the BF-2). Rory Gallagher A Question of Taste There’s also a quote from him from the early 90s on the subject of flanger versus chorus, which is a bit confusing. Depending on how you read […]

access_time 1982

DOD 680 Analog Delay

Used regularly live. In the studio, however, Rory preferred to use a Watkins Copicat Tape Delay, which he thought sounded more authentic. And I’ve got a DOD analog. They’re back on the amps, and that’s set at the minimum setting, just for a little bit of slap-back. Kerrang No.15 May6-19, 1982 I always have a small delay on one of my amps, like a Memory Man or a DOD. Kerrang […]

access_time 1989

Boss ME-5

Rory mentioned using the effect pedal in an interview conducted in mid-1989. Given the subject and the timing of the interview, the pedal was most likely used on Fresh Evidence album. I have got a Boss ME-5 -the programmable effects board. I know what it will do and what I want it to do, but I don’t actually bother programming it. I leave all that up to an engineer. I’ve […]

access_time 1987

MXR Dyna Comp Compressor

Mentioned in a few interviews by Rory as an effect that he uses pretty much all the time. In the studio, I bring in an old WEM Copycat, and the old red MXR Dynacomp compressor – that’s a great gadget, even an old raunchy amplifier will get a bit of nice crispness. October 1987 issue of Making Music I also use a Dynacomp sound compressor, that is on almost all the […]

access_time 1982

Boss FA-1 FET

Mentioned by Rory in 1982, as something he was using at the time as a replacement for Dallas Rangeboost that he was used extensively up until then. I use the Boss FET pedal which, although a transistor, has been designed to sound as much like a valve as possible. It still can’t beat the old Dallas Rangemaster that was doing the rounds in the ‘sixties though. Kerrang No.15  May6-19, 1982 […]

access_time 1982

Watkins Copicat Tape Delay

Mentioned briefly in a 1982 interview by Rory, as his main go-to delay for an old-school rock sound. I always have a small delay on one of my amps, like a Memory Man or a DOD, but if you want anything like that authentic Rock ‘n’ Roll sound, then you have to have tape echo. The Copicat is great for that, but you can also set it with a very […]

access_time 1989

Boss OC-2 Octave

This was apparently one of Rory’s favorite effects. My favorite Boss effect is the Octave divider -the OC-2. That’s great, even with slide, for which I tend to boost it with the compressor. Rory Gallagher A Question of Taste

access_time 1989

Boss VB-1 Vibrato

In an interview conducted just before the Fresh Evidence came out, Rory stated that he really enjoyed using the Boss VB-1 vibrato pedal. Unfortunately, on the web, there’s doesn’t seem to be much info about this VB-1 version the of the Vibrato pedal. If you happen to know anything about it, be sure to leave a comment below. The other thing I particularly like is the Boss Vibrato pedal (the […]

access_time 1978

Boss GE-6 Graphic Equalizer

Rory used an EQ pedal to get more mid-range from his amps. As far as the exact model, on Rory’s official website there are photos of the Boss GE-6. Since this pedal was produced from around 1978, it could be that Rory used it for the majority of his career. I’ve also got a couple of Boss effects which I think are very good, a chorus, flanger, overdrive and a […]

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