Rory Gallagher’s 1960s Fender Concert Brownface

Rory acquired a Fender Concert amp in 1976 and used it in 1976 and 1977 in combination with the Hawk booster and the Fender Bassman. As far as the years, based on the interviews posted on RoryOn, it was either a 1960 or 1961 model (or he had a couple of them).

I ditched the AC30 about two years ago. It was very good, but with keyboards you need something stronger. What I’ve got now is a Fender Bassman and a Fender Concert linked together.

Rory Gallagher, March 1977 issue of BEAT INSTRUMENTAL

Then I got into a tweed Fender Bassman, and recently I got a Fender Concert, which is an old brown one, from around 1959, with four 10” speakers. I use a Hawk booster through that just to roughen it up a bit, or if it’s a quiet number I plug straight in and keep the guitar clean sounding.

Rory Gallagher, March 1978 issue of Guitar Player
Submitted by: Ingemar


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