Rory Gallagher’s 1932 National Resonator

access_time First seen circa 1974

First used by Rory on As The Crow Flies during the Irish Tour in 1974/75. Occasionally, later on, he switched to a prototype model Takamine electro-acoustic which was much easier to amplify in live gigs.

I’ve also got a steel bodied National Resonator. You wouldn’t believe it only cost £100. That’s a fantastic price. It’s brown, an Acolian model it’s called, I think. It’s the thing. It’s the type with just the one resonator.

MM’s focus on RORY GALLAGHER talks guitars with Brian Harrigan MELODY MAKER June 14, 1975

At one point in the late 70s, the guitar was damaged, but Rory managed to repair it. It was heard once again in the studio, during the recording of Empire State Express.

It’s a National Duolian from 1932. I got that in America and it’s a superb guitar. I had to put a new fretboard on it because it got so old that it was going dipping here and there, and the resonator caved in one night on a flight on a plane. Luckily, a guy in the south of England had a load of 1930s diaphragms (Lochblenden), these round things – I think that’s what they call them, and replaced it.

Rory Gallagher Interview by Uli Twelker in Bonn/Germany, 13 December 1992

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