Rory Gallagher’s MXR Dyna Comp Compressor

Mentioned in a few interviews with Rory as an effect that he uses pretty much all the time.

In the studio, I bring in an old WEM Copycat, and the old red MXR Dynacomp compressor – that’s a great gadget, even an old raunchy amplifier will get a bit of nice crispness.

October 1987 issue of Making Music

I also use a Dynacomp sound compressor, that is on almost all the time, to cater for the long guitar lead wire that I use; this acts as a signal booster as much as anything else.

RAW Magazine November 1988. 

I’ve got a Dyna-comp, which is on all the time, to drive the songs from the leads. It’s not for effect. It’s a form of compression and I have it at a setting where the compression’s really low on it.

guitar for the practicing musician, August 1991 issue


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