Rory Gallagher’s Fender Deluxe Tweed

Rory used a Fender Deluxe tweed for studio work only. He used the amp since the early 70s and all the way up until the 90s.

Nowadays, Gallagher uses his Bassman amp for recording, although the old AC-30 is still rolled in from time to time along with an ancient Fender Deluxe (with one 12” speaker) that he uses occasionally for overdubs.

BRITISH ROCK GUITAR by Dan Hedges Guitar Player Books 1977

I used the Vox AC-30 for years and years, and I used to use a Rangemaster treble booster on it, which was great. I still have one at home. Very primitive, but I used to use the normal input in the Vox, which was not known as the brilliance input. It wouldn’t be bright enough; therefore I used the Rangemaster. Then I went to a Fender Twin, a Tweed Twin, and I had a Deluxe which I bought for the studio.

THE WEARING OF THE BLUES by Vivian Campbell, Guitar for the Practicing Musician, August 1991 issue.
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