Rory Gallagher’s Dallas Rangemaster

Rory used a Dallas Rangemaster treble booster extensively with his VOX AC30 amp. According to his own words, the Rangemaster added a little extra to the Strat sound.

I’ve stuck with a Strat because I like the treble and clarity of it. I also use a Rangemaster treble booster to give it an extra lift. It doesn’t have the natural sustain of a Gibson’s, but then a Gibson hasn’t got the clarity of a Strat.

April 26, 1975 issue of Record Mirror
Rory Gallagher playing a Stratocaster guitar. Behind him is visible his VOX AC30 amp, and a Dallas Rangemaster treble booster
Dallas Rangemaster is seen sitting on top of a VOX AC30. Rory Gallagher, 1971 at the Musikhalle in Hamburg, Germany. Photo by Heinrich Klaffs.

Eventually, the Rangemaster pedal became less available, since they’ve gone out of production, and Rory had to resort to using other pedals. Over the years, he used a few different models, but it seems like nothing ever really replaced the original treble booster for Rory.

My treble booster is a Dallas Rangemaster, which is now out of production, but I still see them in shops second hand as I tour around. However, I only use it with my Vox amplifier and at the moment I’m using an old Fender Twin Reverb amp.

Rory before Taste

I use the Boss FET pedal which, although a transistor, has been designed to sound as much like a valve as possible. It still can’t beat the old Dallas Rangemaster that was doing the rounds in the ‘sixties though. The company’s now gone bust so they’re like gold dust if you can find one. I have a couple but they’ve corroded with use.

From Kerrang No.15 May 6-19, 1982


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1 year ago

Rory moved onto the Hawk booster from 1974 onwards.