Rory Gallagher’s Selmer Little Giant Amplifier

access_time First seen circa 1959

This was the first amplifier that Rory got, purchased together with his first electric guitar – a Rosetti Solid 7.

I played along on the acoustic guitar for a couple of years, and about the age of 12 I got an electric guitar – a Rosetti Solid Seven with a Little Giant Selmer.

New Musical Express November 9, 1974

The amp, unfortunately, wasn’t for too long with Rory, as he stated in a later interview that he wished that he still had it.

I had a Selmer Little Giant 4-watt amplifier, too, which I would really love to have now for a practice amp. It sounded something like one of those Pignose things.

BRITISH ROCK GUITAR by Dan Hedges Guitar Player Books 1977
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access_time 1963

Vox AC30

Rory first got his hands on a Vox AC30 way back in the early sixties, when he was playing in a showband called Fontana. This was around the same time when he acquired his first Fender Stratocaster – so 1963. When I joined the showband, after a few months I got a Strat. It took me four years to pay it off on HP. I`d borrowed a Hofner Colorama for […]

access_time 1981

Marshall 100-watt Bass Head

This amp was used by Rory during the 80s, usually in combination with a Marshall 50W combo, and Rory’s trusty Vox AC30. Embed from Getty Images The amp wasn’t actually Rory’s but was borrowed from Gerry McAvoy. When it comes to amps I tend to vary things about every six months. I started with a Vox AC30 combo, and that model is still in my set-up, but I go through […]

access_time 1974

1950s Fender Twin Tweed

Rory used this amp around 1974/75 together with a Fender Bassman. Embed from Getty Images Around 1975, the amp caught fire on stage. From Rory’s words, it sounds like he ended up repairing, but it is unknown whether this exact amp was ever used again. Do note that he did probably own more than just one Twin Tweed. I turned around and realized that my amplifier had gone on fire. […]

access_time 1980

Marshall 2104 JMP MKII 50-watt Combo

This amp was used by Rory during the early 80s, together with Rory’s Vox AC30. At the moment, I’m using an AC30 and a Marshall 50 watt combo together. I plug the guitar into a junction box because a splitter lead or a V chord tends to put the amps out of phase with each other so you can never be sure of the sound you’re getting. However, the setup […]

access_time 1974

1954 Fender Bassman

Rory first started using a Fender Bassman combo amp sometime in 1974. On most photos from that year, and from 1975, there seems to be a Bassman sitting right behind Rory on stage, and a small Tweed Twin sitting to the right of it. Embed from Getty Images For me, it’s a battle between the Vox AC30 and the 4×10 Fender Bassman. The warmth of the Fenders and the character […]

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