Rory Gallagher’s Magnatone 190 Pro

Rory Gallagher used this amp in the 70s and had it fitted with Jensen loudspeakers. In an interview from 1976, he explained that he really like that the amp had a tremolo effect built in and that it reminded him of a Leslie speaker.

I still have the AC30 and I’ve got this Magnetone, which is not a very well known American make. It’s got a very fast tremolo on it – almost like a Leslie effect – with a long tubular bar thing.

When I got it the guy told me I’d have to get the valves changed, so I hung on to it for months, but it’s only this week that I’ve got it sorted out. It looks a bit like a Selmer. There’s two Jensens in the back, it’s got tremolo, reverb and the tremolo flickers a bit when it’s on. It’s a bit fancy but it’s a nice little amp.

Interview from International Musician 1976

Yes, same thing, plus I have an old Magnatone, which went out through Sears, Roebuck in the States. Generally, I end up using the AC-30 or one of the old Fenders. I like to do lead parts live, so you obviously have to have an amp that will be fairly loud, so the other guys in the studio can hear you.

Guitar Player magazine, March 1978

In 2017 this amp appeared on auction over at, According to the info posted there, the seller purchased an amplifier from the New King’s Road Guitar Emporium. This amplifier had previously been owned by the family of Rory Gallagher, who released some of their gear for sale. The receipt for the amplifier, which is included in the lot, is from a company called Strange Music.

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