Rory Gallagher’s Boss ME-5 Guitar Multiple Effects

Rory mentioned using the effect pedal in an interview conducted in mid-1989. Given the subject and the timing of the interview, the pedal was most likely used on Fresh Evidence album.

I have got a Boss ME-5 -the programmable effects board. I know what it will do and what I want it to do, but I don’t actually bother programming it. I leave all that up to an engineer. I’ve never really been into programming, but I’m learning.

The BE-5 is another matter. You just set it up as you need it. I’m enjoying using that in the studio because it allows you to work at the sound as you go along.

July 29,1989 issue of SOUNDS


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Eddy Leger
Eddy Leger
2 years ago

wow, still have both my 1985 Boss ME-5s. One was backup, or in the FX loop. Having the ME-5 x2, boss GT-8, an 2 GT-Pros, got this thing like NASA, why do one when you can get two……works for me.