Rory Gallagher’s 1975 Ampeg VT-40

Rory started using a 1975 Ampeg VT-40 amp in 1978 for playing live.

Recently I bought an Ampeg VT 40 and also that one has, it’s becoming a drag, four 10” speakers. It is possible that I’m going to use that one for a while. It has a good mid-range and the amplifier can be distorted really well when you crank up the volume. That’s about it; I’m still experimenting a bit.

Rory Gallager, June 1978 issue of the Dutch publication Music Maker

By 1979, Rory seemed to have figured out what he wanted from this setup, which he achieved by linking the VT-40 to another Ampeg amp – the VT-22. He used this setup probably until the early 80s when he moved to a Marshall 50-watt combo.

For amplification, Rory has currently abandoned the old Fender gear he used to use in favor of Ampeg. He now has an Ampeg VT 40 which he links up with a VT 22. He finds that the Ampegs give him the mid-range response he’s looking for, which isn’t the case with, say, the Ritzy, but wallet-piercing Music Man units.

March 1979 issue of BEAT Instrumental.
Submitted by: Ingemar


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