Rory Gallagher’s Socket Wrench Slide

Rory used a 5/8th inch or 7/8th inch socket wrench sometimes when playing slide guitar – like the ones from Craftsman sold by Sears and Roebuck.

The sound of glass is more smooth and sweet. The brass or copper is very harsh-if you want to get the Son House sort of attack-but it’s almost too harsh all the time. Steel is a good compromise and socket wrenches are ideal.

I have a 5/8th or 7/8th, because John Hammond told me he was using one, and Lowell George had one as well. They’re fantastic, but you really need very heavy strings. And if you’re playing more than a couple of numbers, they do wear your small finger down, and you don’t want to be tiring your hand.

Rory Gallagher, June 1991 issue of Guitar Player
Submitted by: Ingemar


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