Gary Moore’s Marshall Guv’nor (Mk 1) Overdrive

According to Gary, this pedal was a key component in creating the Still Got the Blues sound.

One of the guys from Metallica goes up to [producer] Bob Rock and says, ‘This is the sound I want,’ and plays him ‘Oh Pretty Woman’ from “Still Got The Blues”. Then they proceed to go through all these pre-amps and processors to achieve it. I felt I should write and say, ‘That’s not how to do it. You’ve got the money now guys, go out and buy a ’59 Les Paul, a Guv’nor pedal and a JTM45!

Various Sources Online – original needed

Gary used the Mark 1 model, which was introduced by Marshall in 1988, and discontinued in 1991. This first run was manufactured in the UK, while the later models mostly came out of Korea.

Aside from the SGTB album, Moore used the pedal on Power of the Blues, released in 2004 (possibly others as well).

In a few places, I used a Marshall Guv’nor pedal, a Line 6 distortion, a CryBaby wah and an Ibanez chorus pedal, but mostly it was very straight-forward tones.

Gary Moore – Guitar World, 2004


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