Gary Moore’s 1980 Charvel/Jackson Custom-made

After leaving Thin Lizzy during the band’s US tour in 1979, Gary traveled to Los Angeles in an attempt to make a solo rock presence and ended up recruiting a couple of people and forming a band called G-Force. At the same time, he went to the Charvel guitar shop on a recommendation from a friend and ended up ordering a couple of guitars from Grover Jackson himself.

Grover delivered the first guitar to Gary during one of the rehearsals prior to the recording of the album, upon which Gary immediately changed the strings to a heavier set that he was used to, and played with the guitar for the first time. His Charvel featured a metallic red/pink finish on a Strat-shaped body, rosewood fretboard, two humbuckers, and a Kahler 2300 series tremolo.

I made him a couple of guitars and they were rehearsing to do the G-Force record in Frank Zappa’s old rehearsal studio. […] I go in with a guitar and they’re there – full-blown rehearsal and 200-watt marshall stacks and Gary’s cranking away.

He stops the rehearsal and he’s like, “Is that the guitar?”, I went “Yeah!” – it was a red metal flake guitar.

Grover Jackson Interview NAMM 2010, The Music Zoo

Although this is pure speculation as there are no photos from the studio sessions, it is highly possible that Gary used this guitar during the recording of the G-Force album. He didn’t seem to use it live pretty much at all, but it was seen on photos taken of his guitar collection sometime in the 80s.


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