Gary Moore’s 1982 Fender Stratocaster ’57 Reissue

This is one of the guitars that Gary was seen playing in the Out in the Fields video with Phil Lynott (1985). It was also used during the 1997 European tour, and, most notably, it was used on Live At Montreux DVD, 1997, on the track Business As Usual.

The guitar is a vintage ’57 reissue, featuring a maple neck and either a sonic blue or Daphne blue finish. It was also seen in the photo taken sometime in the mid-80s showing a part of Gary’s guitar collection.

Gary Moore & Phil Lynott – Out in the Fields

Going from the info published with the said photo, the guitar was made in 1982 and therefore was one of the earliest ’57 reissues, which were the first-ever reissue models to ever come out of the Fender factory (alongside the ’52 and ’62 models of course).

Although somewhat of a collectible item nowadays, back when it first came out, this model was heavily criticized due to several inaccuracies when compared to its original counterpart. The main issue was the neck, which featured a very flat radius, while original 50s Strats were known and loved for their round fretboards [Fender’s First Reissues – Vintage Guitar].


Over the years, Gary seemed to have modified this Stratocaster quite extensively. All of the original pickups were replaced with EMG SAs, and a piezo-style pickup was installed underneath the bridge (if you know the exact name of this pickup, as seen in the photo below, please leave a comment).

Gary’s 57 Reissue Strat in its current state. Credit: Bonham’s

The guitar was sold in 2017 through an auction for £22,500.


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