Gary Moore’s Ibanez Roadstar RS1000

Around 1983/84 Gary endorsed and occasionally used Ibanez guitars and equipment. He was most often photographed with a cherry sunburst RS1000 model. In most cases, the photos from photoshoots, but there is at least one that shows Gary actually playing the guitar on stage – which means that he did indeed use the guitars.


The sunburst Ibanez RS1000 featured an alder body with a birds-eye maple top. The guitar was equipped with two Maxon Super 58 humbucking pickups and a “Hard-Rocker Pro” tremolo bridge. The model itself was produced from around 1981 and at that time it was one of Ibanez’s top-of-the-line guitars.

Ibanez newspaper ad showing Gary Moore.
An ad from Ibanez featuring Gary Moore


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9 months ago

Gary wasn’t in love with these guitars – he called them ‘dingers’ (GW magazine).
His endorsement deal with Ibanez was very short – even shorter than Holdsworth or Lukather!
He can be seen using one very briefly in the “Shapes of Things” video.
He went to Charvel shortly thereafter and stuck with them for a few years.
I have one of these. It’s gorgeous, but the trem and electronics are pure rubbish.

3 years ago

Gary also used an RS 1100, only 100 made of, I believe he uses it on empty rooms video, shot at a castle in Ireland.

2 years ago
Reply to  jaz

I had an early RS1000CS…..I regret selling it often. It played itself…it was like driving a Lamborghini….God I miss mine.
– Coop