Gary Moore’s Roland SDE-3000 Digital Delay

Gary started using this unit around 1984. Prior to this, he relied on having a large number of effect pedals, and he felt he needed to downsize.

I’m now using the Roland SDE3000 digital delay which is programmable. The interesting thing about that is I don’t have to touch it. I can do the whole thing from footswitches. I still use my 555 tape echo, but I can get a four second delay on the SDE, so we do a few tricks with that.

Gary Moore – So You Say (12t May 84)

The article linked above is a great read if you wanna pick Gary’s mind regarding his thoughts on simplifying his effect chain. He argues that the more effects you put between your guitar and the amp, the more you lose that authentic sound.

The SDE 3000 digital programmable delay has eight programmes, and I have a switch which goes from one to eight. I have to be careful and look at the unit while I’m playing so that I can see which programme I’m on, but they’re all different lengths and they have choruses and flanges set up in them so it’s a very versatile unit.

Gary Moore (IM Nov 85)


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