Gary Moore’s Squier Stratocaster (Still Got the Blues tour)

The information about this guitar was provided by its current owner according to whom it was at some point used by Gary.

The guitar is Korean-made and based on the serial number (S908261), built sometime between 1988 and 1993. Unfortunately with these guitars, it’s apparently very hard to tell for certain the exact year of production.

Squier Stratocaster possibly used by Gary during Still Got The Blues tour.

According to the current owner, Gary used this guitar briefly while waiting for his main Stratocaster to be repaired, installing a couple of custom pickups in it. After he received the old guitar back, he took the custom pickups out and gave the guitar as a present to a lady called Linda, signing it on the back of the body (now protected with a plastic plate as seen in the photos). The Squier changed hands once more before it was bought by its current owner.

The signature on the back is protected by a plastic cover.

As far as putting the guitar in Gary’s hands retrospectively, some people seem to remember Gary playing a white Squier during the Still Got the Blues tour in 1990. That guitar had custom pickups installed in it, which goes along with the story about this guitar, so there’s a chance that they are actually the same instrument. 

This is also partially confirmed by Gary’s former guitar tech, Graham Lilly. He does however mention a standard Squier and references no modifications.

The Strat (1961 Fiesta Red one) also got used on Still Got The Blues on Too Tired, a track he did with Albert Collins and it’s the slide on Moving On, even though for live we used a different guitar – a bog-standard Squier Strat.

The Red STRAT, Guitarist, 16 Dec 2016

If you happen to come across a photo or video of Gary playing this Squier, please be sure to leave it in the comments below.

The guitar up-close.

The owner was also kind enough to share a few photos of Gary’s alleged Stratocaster which are available throughout this article. As a token of appreciation, since he mentioned that he would be open to serious offers, if you find yourself interested in buying the guitar, contact us and we’ll connect you with him.

Headstock – showing the serial number.


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