Gary Moore’s Roland SRE-555 Chorus Echo

Used first around early 80s, and at least up until 1987, and the Wild Frontier tour.

I use the Roland SRE 555 as my standard onstage tape echo all the time at quite a low level, so you’ll only really hear it when I stop playing. It’s just for adding depth.

Gary Moore – International Musician – Nov 1985

It’s important to note that Gary used only the echo on the SRE-555 and got his chorus from different units, a Boss CE-3 (prior to 1984) and a Roland Dimension D.

I don’t like the sound of the one in the 555 very much, so I just modified the chorus preset on the other unit, and gave it moore depth and a bit more range. It suits me better. It’s a slow chorus-a bit moore subtle.In general,I don’t like how the choruses mess with the pitch. That’s why I like the Roland Dimension D, for example.It gives you constant pitch, but it also gives you the chorus at the same time. (the interview is no longer available)


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