Gary Moore’s Marshall JTM45 2245 Reissue

Allegedly, Gary acquired an early version of the JTM45 reissue amp, which at that time in 1989 was still in state of development. He used the amp first on his 1990 album Still Got the Blues.

One of the guys from Metallica goes up to [producer] Bob Rock and says, ‘This is the sound I want,’ and plays him ‘Oh Pretty Woman’ from “Still Got The Blues”. Then they proceed to go through all these pre-amps and processors to achieve it. I felt I should write and say, ‘That’s not how to do it. You’ve got the money now guys, go out and buy a ’59 Les Paul, a Guv’nor pedal and a JTM45!

Various Sources Online – original needed

Regarding this being an early pre-production model, all the info related to this comes from second hand sources it seems. In case you stumble upon something coming directly from Marshall or Gary, please do post it in the comments below.

Also, according to sources, Gary owned two of these JTM45 reissues, and both of the completely stock.


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