Gary Moore’s 1992 Lowden 022 Custom

This guitar (serial no. 3617) was used by Gary around the Baker Bruce Moore era circa 1993. According to the info posted on the auction page of the guitar, it was used to some extent on the trio’s only album Around the Next Dream. Aside from that, Gary used it on April 27, 1995, on the opening song of the Blues for Greeny concert.

Gary Moore – Blues For Greeny – Live (1995)


The guitar features a natural red cedar top, American mahogany back and sides, and an Indian rosewood bridge. It was ordered by Gary from George Lowden, to feature a custom neck profile.

The O22 was ordered by Gary in 1992 – it has a shallow neck carve, hence the ‘Custom’ designation. This kept it closer in feel to the electric necks he would have been used to. Gary grew up in Belfast less than 20 minutes away from George’s workshop at the time.

The Money Shot: Gary Moore’s 1992 Lowden O22 Custom

As hinted in the opening paragraph, the guitar was sold through auction after Gary’s passing. It sold for around $6,200 to the original makers of the instrument, Lowden Guitars. According to some news sources, Lowden recently opened a museum in Crossgar, so it could be that that’s where the guitar is being kept.


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