Derek Trucks’ Supro Thunderbolt S6420

Derek used a Supro Thunderbolt amp on the 2022 record I Am the Moon, although it’s unknown to which extent. In the Guitar Player interview quoted below, he calls the amp an old “lighting-bolt” Supro, but he was obviously referring to the Thunderbolt.

The Supro Thunderbolt S6420 is a small 35-watt combo tube power with a single 15″ Jensen speaker, introduced in 1964 as a bass amp, but was quickly adopted by guitar players. As far as famous users, Jimi Hendrix was seen using one, and it was believed for a long time that Jimmy Page used one on Led Zeppelin I record, but that turned out the be a Supro Coronado

The main tracking amp (on the I Am the Moon album) for me was a ’64 Fender Deluxe Reverb, which has an incredible sound. I also used a Vibrolux occasionally and a little tweed Deluxe that I used here and there, plus a real old lightning-bolt Supro.

“Your Recorded Music Is Your Legacy”: Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi Reveal the Guitar Secrets Behind ‘I Am the Moon’
Supro Thunderbolt amp as seen in Derek's home studio.
Supro Thunderbolt amp as seen in Derek’s home studio.


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