Derek Trucks’ Gibson Derek Trucks SG Signature

Since he retired his 2000 SG Reissue guitar and switched to the Dickey Betts SG as his main axe, Derek started using a couple of guitars from his own signature line as backups. His signature model is a direct replica of his 2000 ’61 Reissue SG, which he used for more than a decade.

Derek played a few guitars from his signature line, his main one being one that was very light, which is something that he values highly in a guitar.


Derek Truck Signature model features two PAF 57 Classic humbuckers (Alnico II magnets, 42 American Wire Gauge enamel-coated wire, wax potted), 500 k pots for both volume and tone for each pickup, early style “no wire” ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic tailpiece, and no pickguard (Paul Balmer, Gibson SG Manual, p. 181).


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