Derek Trucks’ Ampeg B-12

Derek used an Ampeg B-12 bass amp during the studio recording of the album 2013 “Made Up Mind”. He used the amp on the song“Whiskey Legs”, on which he played through it with a Firebird, and on “Made Up Mind”, on which occasion he used his SG.

On quite a few songs we ended up playing through an old Ampeg B-12 or B-15, switching back and forth, totally pinning it. “Whiskey Leg” was a Firebird through the B-12, “Made Up Mind” was my SG through the B-12, and it’s an amazing sound. I had never used that rig before, but there’s something about being able to play low strings and getting everything you want out of them.

Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, Minds Made Up


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