Derek Trucks’ Ibanez TS-808

Apparently, Derek used an Ibanez TS-808 for a short time just when his Fender Super Reverb amps were stolen in 2006. This is according to one of our readers, who happened to attend a gig that Derek Trucks Band played on April 5, 2006, and had a chat with Derek’s guitar tech. His amps were stolen on March 11th, so the timeline makes sense roughly.

Derek is not really known for being an effects user, but it makes sense that he would try out a booster of some sort since he was having trouble getting a good sound from the amps that he used since his Super Reverbs were stolen.

Right after his original super reverb was stolen, he played at the handle bar in Greenville. I spoke to his tech back then and had asked about what amp he was now using. He stated many people had donated their vintage super reverbs to him but he couldn’t get the old sound he had. He said there was currently about 10 on the bus and just wasn’t satisfied with any of them.

That night, he played with an ibanez ts808 on top of his amp. I was standing about 10′ from his amp.. I’ve seen him at times use a pedal sitting on his amp that didn’t appear to be a tuner. Regardless, his tone is mostly in his fingers and smoothness. He’s a skilled master of the guitar.

Jerry, GroundGuitar contributor


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