Derek Trucks’ Fender Super Six

Derek used two Fender Super Six amps with the Allman Brothers Band circa 2005. The amps were custom-built by Lord Valve (Fat Willie), who also worked on Derek’s Super Reverbs.

Derek playing through a Fender Super Six with the Allman Brothers Band, 2005.
Derek playing through a Fender Super Six with the Allman Brothers Band, 2005.

With the Allman Brothers, Derek runs two Fender Super Six amps, completely redesigned and built from the bare chassis up. They have a rectifier selection switch which allows Derek to select between a stock Fender fullwave diode rectifier circuit and a “saggy” rectifier circuit which emulates a tube. In the “hard” position, the amps are capable of outputting around 124 watts each, driving six 10″ Weber DT-10s. In the “soft” position, the amps are around 92 watts each.

On the last tour, Derek ran both amps, with both channels wyed together on each amp. (This is possible because I put both channels in phase on each amp, unlike the stock configuration where one is phased differently from the other.) He preferred the “saggy” rectifier switch position when running both amps together, which gave him a total of about 180 watts driving twelve 10″ speakers.

Lord Valve (page now offline)


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