Derek Trucks’ 1958 Silvertone Artist 1522S

Derek was seen using a Silvertone guitar occasionally, most notably in the studio on the song “Down in the Flood”. According to him, the guitar sounds great, and it’s a “good blues-folk guitar”.

This is a fun guitar, I capo it at the fifth fret and use it in the studio occasionally. I play it on that tune ‘Down in the Flood’ . I couldn’t tell you what model it is, but the serial number is X87242. I want to say it’s from the mid ’60s.

It’s a great-sounding guitar. It’s a slide machine. It’s kind of short scale, but it’s got a great thing going on. I got it maybe 15 years ago – I think I paid about $500 for it.

Derek Trucks Shows Us Three Top Axes from His Touring Rig

Please note that in the Guitar Player interview above, this guitar is listed as a Silvertone Tuxedo, but the guitar is actually a Silvertone Artist 1522S model. Furthermore, it seems like that particular model was made only for one year, in 1958, so that pretty much answers all of Derek’s unknowns about the guitar.

It’s also worth noting that this guitar is extremely rare nowadays, and they often sell for a ridiculous amount of money. At the time of writing this, there are zero of them on and a single one on eBay selling for $9,990.00.


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