Derek Trucks’ Gibson Dickey Betts SG (Custom-Made)

Derek’s backup guitar for his 2011 Gibson Dickey Betts SG (Artist Proof #4) is a guitar that Gibson made specifically for him. It has the exact same design as Dickey Betts SG, which Gibson produced in a limited run of 75, but it’s the only guitar produced outside of that run.

We wanted a great backup so we begged Gibson to make another one, and they finally came around! You know, with those guitars, they do a very strict run of what they do and after that, that’s that. So we had to ask a few times.

We popped that truss-rod cover on there. I mean, it’s from the same run but it’s a different guitar from the same run. They even relic’d it the same, with the wear on the neck, and it’s great, but it’s just – it’s a little bit of a different finish and it’s a heavier guitar. I don’t play it as much, that’s for sure. I mean, if I break a string I’ll play it for however long it takes Bobby to change a string!

Derek Trucks, Guitar Magazine, July 2019


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