Derek Trucks’ Jay G Adjustomatic

Derek’s first guitar was an acoustic Jay G “Jackson Guldan” parlor guitar. He got the guitar for $5 when he was 9 years old, at a local garage sale.

I think it was sub-Sears. I had five dollars, and my mom liked garage sales, and this was the only thing interesting to a nine year old child. It was a good first guitar (in terms of quality) – nowhere but up!

Inside the studio of the Tedeschi Trucks
Derek still owns the guitar, and he keeps it at his home studio.

Very little information is available on these Jay G guitars. It was a sub-brand of the Jackson-Guldan Company of Columbus, Ohio, a manufacturer of stringed musical instruments, mostly violins, fiddles, and violas.

Sometime around the 40s, they started making acoustic guitars, most carrying the brand name “Adjustomatic” – since they had an adjustable neck.

Inside label of a Jay G guitar, explaining how the adjustable neck works.


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