Derek Trucks’ 1966 Fender Super Reverb

This 1966 Fender Super Reverb was one of two Derek’s main amps, the second one being the 1965 Super Reverb. Both of these amps were stolen in Atlanta on March 11, 2006, and never recovered.

Derek had this second Super Reverb connected to the ’65 through its line output going into a Behringer volume pedal, the output of which was plugged into the Vibrato channel input on his ’66. He then used the volume pedal to add in as much of the ’66 as he felt necessary to produce his feedback effects.

Below are the full specs of this amp, as shared by Derek’s guitar tech.

Derek has been runing two BFSRs in larger venues, set up in a V configuration with the speakers firing across each other at about a 90-degree angle. When this is done, the line output on the ’65 feeds a Behringer volume pedal, the output of which is plugged into the Vibrato channel input on his ’66 BFSR, which until last March when I completely overhauled it, was the third-string backup amp. The ’66 has the same circuitry tweaks, with no line out jack installed. It runs a different tube set, as follows:

1) No tube
2) Reflektor-production Tung-Sol 12AX7
3) NOS JAN PHilips 12AT7WA
4) Reflektor-production Tung-Sol 12AX7
5) Anything that still lights up
6) NOS Mullard CV-4024/12AT7WA
7) Reflektor-production Svetlana 6L6GC
8) Reflektor-production Svetlana 6L6GC
9) Sovtek GZ-34

This amp is outfitted with a custom speaker made by Ted Weber, called the DT-10 V1.1. (I have the exclusive on this speaker, so if you want a set, see my sig.) This speaker was originally developed for use in the custom design Super Sixes I built for Derek to use with the Allman Brothers. It’s essentially a clone of the 1980 Pyle Driver MW-1040. The ’66 BFSR is occasionally used as the number one amp in venues with live acoustics, as it is a bit darker than the ’65. When both amps are run together, Derek uses the volume pedal to add in as much of the ’66 as is necessary to produce his feedback effects.

Post by Lord Valve, Derek’s guitar tech (page now offline, only accessible through way back machine)

The serial number of this 1966 Super Reverb is A13225, and at the time of the theft, it had Weber DT-10 speakers.


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