Angus Young’s Wizard Amps

access_time First seen circa 1995

These amps were used by both Angus and Malcolm Young starting from around the mid to late 90s. The amps were made by Rick St. Pierre, who at the time was AC/DC’s amp tech, and who seems to have left the position around 2015. At that same time, Angus seemed to have switched back to Marshall amps.

Based on the photos, Angus used both the ARD amp, which was an early Wizard model, as well as the Wizard Modern Classic – which is a current production model.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any information exactly why and when Rick left the band, nor when exactly the band started using his amps. So, if you happen to come across an interview from Rick talking about the subject, please leave a comment below. A lot of the stuff online is probably second or third-hand knowledge, and it’s not worth spreading more disinformation here.

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