Angus Young’s 1981 Jaydee Custom SG

This guitar was built around 1981 by UK guitar luthier John Diggins, and it was presented to Angus just prior to the Monsters of Rock concert in Donington that same year. 

According to Diggins, Angus liked the guitar and used it for the entirety of the Donington (1981) concert. Photos and videos from that particular gig are scarce, but based on those that do exist, it does seem like Angus is playing the Jaydee SG.

Jaydee SG on Tour post-1981

It seems that Angus didn’t use the Jaydee SG much in the early 1980s. Most photos from around that period show him using a variety of Gibson SGs. Around 1985, Jaydee seems to come into the spotlight more often, but even then, Gibsons seem to be his main choice.

Embed from Getty Images

All of this is, of course, just based on the photos and the video available. It is possible that the guitar was used more often, but just happened to be on a very few photos.


The Jaydee Custom SG featured mahogany body and neck, lightning flash inlays, white binding on neck and headstock, gold-plated hardware, and two Jaydee Hooligan pickups.

The guitar is still being produced today; you can check it out on Jaydee’s website – Donnington SG.


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David Krappenschitz
David Krappenschitz
2 years ago

That looks like a product of photo editing to me. The lightning bolts are much too small. In fact, they’re the same size as the Gibson Angus model, which they went cheap on the lightning boots. It looks so “off” with them cut that small. The second thing is the satin finish. I can’t see a builder like jaydee going satin like that. Someone simply photo edited the jaydee headstock and pickups, knobs etc. as well as the fretboard from the Gibson Angus SG