Angus Young’s 1970s Gibson SG Custom (black, white pickguard)

access_time First seen circa 1978

Angus played this Gibson SG during the Highway to Hell tour circa 1979, and occasionally in 1980/81. Most likely, the guitar was one of the few that he acquired upon visiting the US in 1978.

I remember when I first went to America I bought some on that street in New York [48th Street]. There used to be a little shop on the corner there where I bought a couple of SGs.

AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Re-Done


Based purely on appearances, this SG was a 1970s Custom. This is based on the gold-plated hardware and the fact that headstock has binding around the edges.

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However, the rest of the specs don’t fit the description of a Custom – therefore, the guitar was most likely modified. The black finish was probably, in fact, a re-finish, and the white pickguard was probably taken of an SG Special.

It is unfortunately unknown whether these mods were present on the guitar when Angous bought it, or whether it was something that he did himself.

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