Angus Young’s Gibson SG Standard (Zebra and Jaydee pickups)

Angus was seen using this guitar on occasions, seems from around 1983 to 1985. As noted on the page about Angus’ 1970s Gibson SG Standard, it is possible that this is that same guitar, just modified.

However, it’s probably best to keep the guitars separated for now, since that is after all just a theory.

Embed from Getty Images

Not much else is known about this particular guitar. Based on photos, it featured walnut finish and a large “batwing” pickguard. It was also most likely modified by John Diggins at some point since it had a Jaydee Hooligan pickup in the bridge position.

The neck pickup, which didn’t have a metal cover, and had a “zebra” pattern (black and white plastics), is at this point a mystery. It could’ve been a Seymour Duncan JB (Jeff Beck) model.


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2 years ago

Some Gibson pickups that originally came with covers had mis-matched bobbins. That’s how the look originated, in fact. Some artists took the covers off and found mis-matched bobbins and it became a look itself. So that’s a possibility as well.