Angus Young’s 1981 Gibson SG Standard

This guitar appears to be one of Angus’ main guitars during the Back In Black tour (1980/1981). Angus was seen using this guitar occasionally, from around 1980 to 1983. He most notably used it on December 21, 1981, for the Live at Capital Centre, Landover, MD, USA,  and on October 5, 1983, during the Flick Of The Switch promo videos and band rehearsals. Angus probably got this guitar in 1981.

AC/DC nos trae una versión de “What Do You Do for Money Honey” de 1981 |  Estación K2

Back In Black World Tour

In the available live photos from this era, Angus appears to be using this guitar, showing the SG in its “stock” state. This guitar was equipped from the factory with Super Humbucker pickups, the output of the pickups is around 7,5 Kohm.

Also, note that this guitar differs from the models produced previously (1970s) by having the jack socket on the side rather than alongside the control knobs on the front, also the pickup selector is located above them.

Flick Of The Switch Promotonials Videos & Rehearsals

Angus in the Flick Of The Switch videos appears to be using this exact same guitar. He used it in the band rehearsals and the promo videos.

Maybe this guitar was used to record some parts of the album, because if you listen to the band rehearsals, it sounds very similar, almost exactly the same, to the sound of the album.

After 1981, this guitar seems to not been used as extensively as the BIB Tour. Maybe it was, but it didn’t appear in so many photos.

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