Angus Young’s 1960s Gibson SG Standard (Black Ice, Rock or Bust)

This guitar was seen occasionally during the Stiff Upper Lip live tour (2000), and more often during the Black Ice (2008-10) and Rock or Bust (2016) tours. It looks suspiciously similar to the Gibson SG that Angus used during the 90s, but for the sake of better organization, these will be treated as two separate instruments.


This SG is finished in black, which was most likely a re-finish. Fill Olivieri over at SoloDallas also suspects that this is a mid-60s model with removed Vibrola tremolo, which also has a somewhat wider neck than the early 60s model.

Angus’ guitar tech Trace Foster pretty much confirmed this in the 2016 Rig Rundown interview with Premier Guitar. According to him, the guitar is a 1967 model, with custom-wound Seymour Duncan pickups (7.7 – 7.8 kOhm resistance), both waxed, and all new Gibson electronics. [Rig Rundown – AC/DC’s Angus Young & Stevie Young]

Aside from this, one thing worth pointing out is that the guitar had a pretty beat-up headstock, which means that it was likely played and used before (according to Trace Foster, Angus has had it since 1977). The headstock also styles a blank truss rod cover, and what look to be original Kluson tuners with plastic buttons. This is also the main visual difference separating this guitar from the one he used in the 90s.

The second visual difference between the two guitars is that the newer SG had the original vintage 1960s Gibson “Witch Hat” knobs, compared to regular Top Hat knobs on the older.

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Rock or Bust World Tour

This same guitar was played by Angus during most of the Rock or Bust tour in 2015/16. […]

The SG, as seen during the Rock or Bust music video.
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