Angus Young’s Gibson SG (walnut, lightning inlays)

Angus was seen using this guitar extensively during the 1985/86 tours – based on the photos available.

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Modified by John Diggins / Jaydee

This guitar, according to John Diggins, was modified by him at some point in the early 80s. Most notably, John replaced the whole neck and inlayed the fretboard with lightning flesh inlays. Originally, of course, the guitar styled regular Gibson block inlays.

The next was a body repair where the whole of the control area had been eaten away by the Angus sweat, and the wood knock clinched it to make it unusable. I made a new one neck and all, including the lighting flash inlays. The only original thing left on the guitar was the head face with the Gibson logo.

The Angus Young Connection – Jaydee

Guitar prior to Modifications

The confusing thing about this guitar is that although based on John’s statement, it was used by Angus extensively (sweat, wear), it’s very hard to find any photos of the guitar prior to the mods.

This raises a question whether this could possibly be one of Angus’ original 1970s walnut SGs (see 1970s Gibson SG Standard (Factory Second) and 1970/71 Gibson SG Standard). However, both of those guitars had tremolo pieces, which would leave empty screw holes exposed when removed. This SG, modified by Diggins, had no such holes (see photo below, taken on November 12, 1985).

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So, if you happen to come across any photos or videos of Angus using the guitar prior to 1985, be sure to leave a comment below.

2000 and Beyond

This guitar made a comeback with the 2000 Stuff Upper Lip tour, during which Angus used it extensively. Based on the photos, the guitar was used alongside a few more SG.

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It was used again during the Black Ice tour circa 2010, which means that this guitar was probably among Angus’ favorites – at least based on the frequency of use over the years.


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11 months ago

He rebuilt the entire guitar, so of course it wouldn’t have the original screw holes. Like he said, the only original part was the headstock veneer.

Also, he first used it in 1982 toward the end of the FTATR tour.

Last edited 11 months ago by Mike