Eric Clapton’s Vox V846 Wah-Wah Pedal

access_time First seen circa 1968

According to Eric, he used a Vox wah pedal to record “White Room” from Cream’s 1968 album Wheels Of Fire. Based on this, it is also likely that the same pedal was used on earlier stuff, like “Tales Of Brave Ulysses” from Disraeli Gears.

G.P.: What kind of wah-wah pedal do you use, like on the “White Room” track on Wheels Of Fire?
E.C.: Vox.

GP Flashback Eric Clapton June 1970

Eric obviously didn’t specify the exact model, but given the time period, it is likely that he used a V846 model (more about this pedal and the origins of wah-wah can be read here – The History of the Development of the Original Vox Wah Pedal).

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