Eric Clapton’s 1970s Dobro/Regal Resonator Custom

Eric used this guitar most famously during the MTV Unplugged show recorded in 1992. It can be heard on two of the slide tunes he played that night – Running on Faith and Walkin’ Blues.

Eric Clapton playing a Dobro Resonator guitar.
Clapton played the guitar at the Unplugged concert in 1992.

The guitar was ordered by Clapton as a custom build from Randy Wood and it was finished sometime in 1970 or 1971. Here’s what Randy remembers about it – quoted from an email that he was kind enough to send upon our inquiry.

I built that guitar using an old, I believe, regal body that I was able to modify by making a different neck, putting in a sound well, and installing a dobro spider and cone with a dobro cover plate which I engraved along with the tailpeice etc. Its been many years ago and I don’t remember all the details, however, this is essentially correct. Eric ordered the guitar on one of his trips to tape the Johnny Cash show. Also this instrument was made in, I think, 1970 or 71.

Randy Wood at

According to some sources, Clapton apparently gave an interview to Guitar Player saying he acquired the body from George Gruhn’s guitar shop and had Randy Wood fit a Martin neck on it and do custom inlays. We haven’t been able to track the original interview, so if you happen to stumble upon it, please be sure to get in contact by leaving a comment below.


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Jim Parker
Jim Parker
1 year ago

Eric purchased the guitar from GTR, the store of George Grubb, Tut Taylor & Randy Wood which they had in the 70s before each manifested his own separate career.