Eric Clapton’s Fender Rock and Roll Electric Guitar Strings

Clapton used these strings in the early days, around the Cream era. According to his own words, these strings were used on his Les Paul during the recording of Wheels of Fire (1968). Based on that statement, it is likely that these strings were used even prior to that, were his main choice before he started playing Stratocasters (at which point he began using Ernie Ball strings)

G.P.: How about the strings you used on the Les Paul, on the live side of Wheels Of Fire?
E.C.: Fender Rock and Roll strings.

GP Flashback Eric Clapton June 1970

The ‘Rock and Roll’ likely refers to Fender’s 150 set, which featured gauges
.010, .013, .015, .026, .032, .038 (see Fender Catalogs From 1953 to 1979, specifically from 1968, page 41.)


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