Eric Clapton’s Fender Custom ’57 Twin Tweed Amp

This has been Eric’s main stage amp since around 2004/2005. Based on photos, he usually had two of them on stage, and it seems that he used them pretty much all the time. The only other amp that he used somewhat regularly from 2005 to around 2011 seems to be a smaller Fender 57 Bandmaster.

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It is important to note that from 2011 it becomes somewhat difficult to identify the amp since by that time Fender released the Twinolux EC model – which basically looks exactly the same as the ’57 Twin. The main difference between the two is the small “EC” badge on the bottom right of the speaker grill.

If you want to see the differences between the two, check out this thread on the GearPage forums: Two Fender Tweed Beauties: Fender Custom 57 Twin and Fender Eric Clapton Twinolux.


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Giulio Azzoni
Giulio Azzoni
3 years ago

I think that the first time Eric used the 57 twin custom reissue amps was for Cream reunion in May 2005.
From 2011 on it is hard to distinguish between Twin 57 and the EC Twinolux, as the only distinctive character is the EC logo on the low right corner of the front panel.
During late summer 2013 and until the Crossroads festival at the MSG, Eric used a Dumble 50 Watt combo.
Then, from the Baloise session in autumn 2013, Eric has been using only the Fender 57 Bandmaster.
Hereunder I report you a note from Celestion website, dated January 2014: