Eric Clapton’s Roger Giffin Stratocaster (Blue)

This guitar was built by Roger Giffin, an English guitar luthier, as a direct replica of the Blackie – aside from the color choice obviously. As the story goes, Eric actually loaned the Blackie to Roger in order to copy the exact specifications.


The blue Giffin Strat was first used in late 1983, during the ARMS concert at the Royal Albert Hall, for the song Everybody Oughta Change.

Eric with the Giffin Strat at the A.R.M.S. concert, Royal Albert Hall, London, England – September 20, 1983. Source; YouTube Screencap

From late 1983 and on, the guitar was used regularly on tour for playing slide (according to the info from the Christie’s auction of the guitar – it was used on Tulsa Time and Motherless Children). It went out of the rotation by 1986 and remained in Eric’s personal possession until 1999 when it was sold on auction as part of the big Crossroads Centre sale. The guitar reached $48,300. [1980s Roger Giffin – Christie’s]

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