Tim Henson’s Ibanez TOD10N Prototype (The Bread Guitar)

This is the second prototype of the TOD10N that Tim received, sometime in early to mid-2021. The only time Tim appeared with the guitar was in a video on his personal YouTube channel titled “Playing my new guitar”

Tim playing his
Tim playing his “Bread” guitar, 2021.

In an interview with Rick Beato (see source below), Tim mentioned that he dubbed this guitar “The Bread Guitar”, because of its color. He also noted that he gave the guitar to Steve Vai after the band finished the record sessions for the song “Ego Death”.

They made the second one, and this guitar you can see it on my YouTube channel – it’s the white, bread-looking guitar. It looks like bread. Because I was like do the top white and leave the rest unfinished, and just ended up looking like bread.

We actually ended up giving that guitar to Steve Vai, kind of as an appreciaction, a thank you for being on our recording, being such a cool dude, and a mentor.

Tim Henson of Polyphia: Redefining the Boundaries of Guitar Playing

Sometime between when Tim recorded the YouTube video and when he gave the guitar to Steve, the guitar was fitted with a metal-looking piece designed and made by an artist called Nusi Quero. This is based on the photos that Steve himself posted on his website – see FRH EARLY PROTOTYPE.

It’s unclear how exactly this metal cover is mounted on the guitar, and whether it’s interchangeable with other guitars or not. In any case, he had the exact same-looking piece mounted on his main TOD10N as well.


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