Tim Henson’s Washburn Electric Guitar

This is another guitar seen in one of Tim’s early YouTube videos. The video in question was apparently filmed in 2009 when Tim was only 16 years old, and it features the song “Voice of Entropy” off of the album Resurrect.

Tim playing what's most likely a Washburn guitar, 2009.
Tim playing what’s most likely a Washburn guitar, 2009.

Model, Specs

The exact make and model of this guitar are unknown as of writing this. The most likely candidate is Washburn since the guitar is equipped with the famous Wonderbar tremolo system.

The Wonderbar or Shift 2001, as it was sometimes branded as, tremolo system was designed by Washburn in the 1980s in order to compete with at the time popular Floyd Rose and Kahler tremolos. The advance, as Washburn presented it, that Wonderbar had over those other systems is that it was set on top of the body, so mounting it required no routing.

Wonderbar/Shift 2001 guitar tremolo
Washburn Wonderbar/Shift 2001 tremolo system. Photo source: Reverb.com

But, nothing can be safely concluded just from this little detail, because as noted, the Wonderbar can be easily fitted on almost any guitar. Furthermore, the red logo that is partially seen on the headstock doesn’t really resemble “Washburn”. The company did use a red logo on some of their models, but the first letter of the logo seen on Tim’s guitar doesn’t seem to be “W”.

In any case, if you happen to recognize this guitar, be sure to leave a comment below.


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