Tim Henson’s Ibanez TOD10 Custom (Neurotica)

Based on his Instagram and Twitter posts, Tim started using this guitar sometime in early 2021. At first, the guitar was just a plain silver model with custom ornate fretboard inlays. Tim calls this design the “Tree of Death”, and it takes inspiration from Steve Vai’s famous “Tree of Life” guitar.

Likely, this was a prototype or an early production model of Tim’s 2022 signature model from Ibanez, the TOD10.

Photo of the guitar that dates to February 18, 2021.

By the time Polyphia released the music video for their song “Neurotica” the guitar underwent some major design changes. The top of the body was covered entirely with a huge metal-looking piece designed and made by an artist called Nusi Quero. This sort of design is also seen in Scott LePage’s and Clay Gober’s instruments.

Tim Henson’s “Alien” AZ Series Ibanez, as seen in the Neurotica music video.


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finn dunnigan
finn dunnigan
3 months ago

yes mmmmmm tim i wantr u

5 months ago

His music is just ON POINT!!

11 months ago

its giving me a boner when i see his guitar