Tim Henson’s Ibanez THBB10 Signature

This is Tim’s own Signature guitar from Ibanez, first introduced in 2019. Since its release, it became his main guitar, although he doesn’t use it exclusively, and still picks up his older guitars depending on the occasion.

Tim Henson playing his Ibanez Signature guitar.
Tim playing his Ibanez Signature guitar.


The Ibanez THBB10 (Tim Henson “Black Beauty”) features an American basswood body, a roasted maple neck, and a roasted maple fingerboard with acrylic/abalone/acrylic block inlays. It’s produced in Indonesia, and it’s available in only one finish – black.

As far as hardware – the guitar is equipped with custom DiMarzio Notorious pickups – which are Tim’s own signature pickups. There’s a mini-humbucker in the bridge and single coils in the neck and middle positions.

The tremolo system on the guitar is more old school, with the T1502 two-point bridge, and no locking nut. The tuners are the Gotoh MG-Ts.

The “Notorious” Pickups

The pickups in Tim’s guitar are made by DiMarzio, and they were designed to fit Tim’s likes and needs.

The neck and the middle pickups, which are single-coil, were modeled after the pickups in Tim’s Ibanez Talman. According to the official DiMarzio spec sheet, they both use Alnico 5 magnets and measure 7.85 Kohms. The only difference between them is that the middle pickup has a reverse magnet and wound, which eliminates hum when they are used together. This is also known as the “reverse wind, reverse polarity” or RWRP mod.

The humbucker in the bridge position is actually a mini-humbucker. which has a ceramic magnet and measures 11.96 Kohm. For comparison, the Seymour Duncan Hyperion humbucker which is used in the AZ Series guitars measures around 15 Kohms.

DiMarzio Notorious Pickups.
DiMarzio Notorious Pickups.


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