Tim Henson’s Ibanez AZ series (Pink)

This is one of the guitars presented in Tim’s studio tour posted on his YouTube channel. Tim says this is one of the original six AZ guitars, that he had repainted pink.

This is one of the first six AZ guitars that ever existed. I had the LA custom shop refinish it to “clitoris” pink.

It’s nice because we have white on white on white. White strap knobs, white knobs, white pickups, white inlays, white logo.

Tim Henson – Studio Tour – YouTube
Tim Henson's pink AZ Series Ibanez.
Tim’s pink AZ Series Ibanez.

The guitar is also among the ones that Tim uses live on tours with Polyphia, as can be seen in various concerts posted on YouTube.

AZ Series

Ibanez introduced the AZ series in 2018, as sort of a simpler version of the RG. Inspired by the Fender Stratocaster, the AZ series has a simple non-locking tremolo and a C-shape neck profile. The guitar is equipped with two Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups.

Tim’s model is a little bit different from the production models. It features all white hardware and inlays, except for the tuners, and the headstock inlay is different – it has the version of the Ibanez logo with the underline/checkmark, while the production models have the simpler version that just reads “Ibanez”.

As far as paint, it seems that Ibanez just recently made this color available on the production model, more specifically on their Ibanez AZ2402 PKF guitar.


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