Tim Henson’s Ibanez SC500N

Tim bought this guitar in Cologne, Germany sometime in 2020. He used the guitar for a while and then approached Ibanez about making a Tim Henson signature gutiar based on this model. Ibanez was at first skeptical because the SC500N sold terribly when it was available, but they eventually gave in and agreed.

Tim Henson playing an Ibanez SC500N nylon-string guitar.

Tim really wanted to make the guitar, so he sent Ibanez all the positive feedback he got from fans when he asked them on social media whether they would like a nylon string guitar, and he sent them a demo of “Playing God” which he recorded on the SC500N.

There wasn’t really a market for it. When I had asked Ibanez about it, they were like – yeah, it just didn’t do well. And I was like – this guitar is fu*kig awesome, and I would like a modernized version.

I tell the story all the time, I had to convince them (to make it).

Polyphia’s Tim Henson Reveals New Guitar

From that point on, Tim received a few prototypes from Ibanez, and by the third one, the design and the features of the new model were finalized. This new model was dubbed the TOD10n and was revealed on December 1, 2022.

What happened to Tim’s SC500N, after all of this is unfortunately unknown, but it’s likely that he still has it laying somewhere in his studio.


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