Mark Knopfler’s 1982 Schecter Telecaster

Mark bought this guitar sometime in the early 80s and first used it on the Brothers in Arms album/tour. He used the guitar to play the song “Walk of Life” live on that tour, so it’s somewhat safe to guess that he used it in the studio as well.

He still owns this guitar and plays it live occasionally, as could be seen on the 2008 Kill to Get Crimson tour, during which he used it to play “Cannibals”.

Mark Knopfler playing a red Schecter Telecaster guitar in 2008.
Mark with the guitar in 2008.


Mark’s Schecter Telecaster features a red finish, officially branded by Schecter as “metallic red”, which extends to the headstock as well. The body has a white plastic binding all around, and the fretboard has no visible inlays.

As far as electronics, the pickups in the guitar are apparently Seymour Duncans, based on an answer posted on Guy Fletcher’s website. However, according to Ingo Raven, the person who was asking the question, and a Mark Knopfler aficionado, the pickups are actually Schecter F520/521s.

Question by: Ingo Raven, June 29, 2011
Hi Doc, can you tell us whether Mark’s lovely red Schecter “Walk of Life” Telecaster has the normal Schecter pick-ups or the tapped ones? (The tapped ones can be switched from a thinner vintage sound to a fat sound with two push-pull potis, so in other words the question is if the potis can be pulled or not) Thanks

Answer by Guy Fletcher:
Mr. Saggers says it has Seymour Duncans.

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