Mark Knopfler’s Marshall JTM45

Mark used a Marshall JTM45 amp most notably during the recording of “Brothers in Arms” and “Money for Nothing”.

(on Money for Nothing) I had my Marshall there, we turned it as far as it would go – we were going for a pretty heavy sound. I had a wah-wah pedal in it, just to give it something different. So we got the pedal and as soon as it was in it and set – that was the sound.

Mark Knopfler – Guitar Stories

However, information regarding which specific amp Mark used on “Money for Nothing” varies highly. Jim Kalley, for instance, sent us an email explaining that it was the Jim Kelley FACS amp that Mark used that day, and Neil Dorfsman, who was the producer on “Brothers in Arms” albums, claims that Mark used a Laney amp.

I remember Mark’s Les Paul Junior going through a Laney amp, and that was the sound of ‘Money For Nothing’. We were actually going for a sort of ZZ Top sound, but what we ended up getting was kind of an accident.

CLASSIC TRACKS: Dire Straits ‘Money For Nothing’


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