Mark Knopfler’s Jim Kelley FACS amp

Mark Knopfler used these amps for the entirety of the Brothers in Arms tour.

He uses MESA/Boogie and Jim Kelley amplifiers played through Marshall 4-12″ cabinets loaded with Electro-Voice drivers.

International Musician – Jan 1986

According to John Suhr who at the time worked at Rudy’s Music Stop in New York, and who also introduced Mark to Jim Kelley amps, the amp was also used on the intro for “Money for Nothing”..

Dire Straits (Mark Knopfler and Jack Sonni) used Jim Kelley for the entire Brothers in Arms Tour. The guitar into on Money For Nothin’ was played through a Jim Kelley amplifier according to John Suhr, who provided the gear from Rudys Music Stop. The tour amps were white FACS heads. They can be seen on stage in footage from a show at Wembley. Thanks.

Jim Kalley via email

However, based on Ingo Raven’s research, and the overall more popular theory, the amp that Mark Knopfler used on “Money for Nothing” was a Marshall JTM45.


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